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The important professional requirement for professionals in the financial industry is to give people a sense of trust. Although we need to emphasize honesty and competence in our appearance, if we look too rigid, it can also give people a feeling of being too distant. So it's best to choose some soft colored T-shirts, or brown shoes, all of which can play a role in softening the overall image.
Men engaged in market sales in shopping malls need to deal with many people due to business reasons. So for this type of person, a sense of affinity is particularly important. To grasp the "degree" of affinity, otherwise it will appear too casual and easy to leave a impression of cynicism. So, when you don't need to go out for business, be sure to adjust your dressing style.
Bank staff
People who don't care about fashion trends and wear suits that have been worn for many years in a serious manner, often looking cautious, are employees working in the financial industry. Due to the characteristics of their profession and the pressure of their work, bank employees generally prefer Navy blue or gray suits with single breasted white shirts and coats, and simple ties with small patterns. This is not a uniform regulation from the industry, but rather a manifestation of their inner restraint and acquiescence towards work pressure. There is almost no age difference in men's clothing in the banking industry, with similar colors and styles. Perhaps it is because bosses like to be steady and orthodox, and young people are not too particular. Due to the impact of profession on personality, although they also emphasize fashion and brand, they are more concerned about cheap and high-quality products. Therefore, domestic famous brands and discounted suits have become good choices. However, the level of their position also makes subtle differences in their attire.
The group of foreign enterprise personnel is a younger generation of white-collar workers, dressed up as handsome young men. They are loyal supporters of popular fashion and famous brands, so their choice of suit styles and colors is relatively free and diverse, mainly Italian style double breasted loose fitting suits, and tend to be three button styles. Their shirts are colorful, with yellow, blue, and pink colors, while black is becoming more popular in recent times, which may be related to dressing up as "Cool". White shirts are actually less common. Leather shoes are even more diverse, with thick soles and wide toes, all of which are famous brands. The tie is more casual, exuding novelty in the casualness. Most handsome people like to go to specialty stores or high-end shopping malls to buy branded clothing, and they go shopping whenever the season changes in order to keep up with fashion trends. Of course, some people with low salaries will choose to buy some discounted products during discounts or seasonal changes, because they also know that fashion is like a fire wheel, it will come back after a turn, and some things will not be outdated. As long as they are carefully matched and matched with a novelty and taste, it is still a fashion.
Lawyers and lawyers are mostly dressed in formal and rigorous attire, with a mature and dignified demeanor, giving people a sense of credibility and confidence. The suits are mostly Navy blue and suits, with single row buttons, and must be ironed to keep the creases clear, giving a clean and polite feeling. Old school lawyers often choose British styles. The three pieces are worn together and will not change with fashion, as they feel that style is important. Young lawyers pay more attention to brands, like beautiful Italian style loose fitting suits, and also pay attention to fabrics and workmanship, with a sense of success. Lawyers often choose white shirts as a symbol of credibility. It is not allowed to drop buttons. When leaving the room and going out, they will definitely put on their coat and button it up. Ties are mostly chosen in warm colors or with striped patterns, and they must be branded. The shoes are exquisite black leather shoes, appearing stable and stylish. With the popularity of fashion, there have been some changes in the attire of young lawyers. Wearing blue shirts is more common recently. It is said that blue can keep oneself in a good mood. At the same time, they pay more attention to the texture and brand of clothing, and they are gradually moving towards fashion. They have the ability to achieve this.
They are a fashionable group, and they receive information about fashion trends first. They also have the conditions to purchase those popular clothing, which can be purchased at brand stores or when traveling abroad. They won't dress as colorful as those handsome guys from foreign companies. So, what they value is the brand's style, texture, craftsmanship, comfort, and a sense of fit and detail, which can demonstrate their delicacy and elegance. Their suits are quite beautiful, often paired with separate tops and pants to create a different flavor. The suit is three button, and the shirts are mostly in fashionable colors. The choice of leather shoes is mainly black and dark coffee, but there are also other colors and styles available. They distinguish work and leisure very clearly, so their attire is more meticulous and meticulous. Due to the separation of responsibilities in the news industry, the differences between them are also more pronounced. In television stations, the actors and directors like to wear blue and warm colors in combination; The production personnel are relatively free, with both lapels and jackets featuring an artist's style, but ultimately focusing on the brand.
Advertising professionals are mostly those who are still wearing suits and sweating profusely on the streets in hot weather. The performance of advertising comes from the number of customers, so the competition and hardship in this industry are self-evident, and customer trust is very important. Advertising staff dress more formally, usually Navy blue or gray suits, with more popular styles, no personality characteristics, white shirts, and dark ties, which can easily withstand customers' criticism. Copywriters and designers are much more relaxed, sitting in the office wearing striped shirts, slippers, and a pair of fat and long pants, comfortable and casual. But when I go out to do business, I have to be a bit formal, and my personality can only be hidden. In fact, the advertising industry is the planning ground for fashion, and now the trend of fashion is gradually becoming popular here. Young people also pay attention to brand styles, and personalized clothing has also been promoted.








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