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  Why more and more enterprises
  Choose to customize professional clothes for employees?
  More and more enterprises choose to customize professional clothes for their employees rather than directly purchase ready-made clothes. Why is that? We need to understand the difference between customized professional clothes and ready-made clothes.
  1、 Customized professional wear is durable. At present, the enterprise with the largest purchase volume is also an average of four sets of clothes for each employee in a year, and one set of clothes should be worn every day, and one wear is one year, which requires the clothes to be very durable. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the durability and practicability in the material and technology of clothing. Moreover, we should also consider the situation of abnormal work wear in the professional clothing, which is generally not considered in the production of ready-made clothing.
  2、 The cost of customized professional clothes is low. After all, suits and uniforms are an expense of purchasing units. No matter which unit claims that it doesn't care about money, it still has a strict budget. And the price of ready-made clothes is generally higher than that of uniform of the same class.
  Due to the characteristics of professional wear, the production organization mode of professional wear must be a one-to-one customization mode for everyone in the enterprise. There is essential difference between one-to-one customization mode and standardized production mode of ready to wear, so it can be seen that purchasing ready to wear will be a very risky thing!
  三、 定做职业装专用性高(企业识别)。职业装必须是为自己单位专门设计或专门挑选的,成衣很难有现成的产品刚好能满足本单位的要求。
  3、 Customized professional clothing has high specificity (enterprise identification). Professional clothes must be specially designed or selected for their own units. It is difficult to have ready-made products to meet the requirements of their own units.
  4、 Men and women coexist. Professional clothing must have men's and women's clothing to meet the needs of men and women in enterprises. There is no ready-made garment enterprise that can guarantee to produce good men's and women's wear products at the same time. Purchasing from men's clothing enterprises and women's clothing enterprises increases the difficulty of work (double purchasing process, double after-sales service, double risks), and may also lead to psychological imbalance between men and women's workers.
  5、 Easy to operate. The professional dress is used for work. No matter the suit, shirt or uniform are selected, it must be ensured that they will not hinder the work, which is not fully considered in all ready-made clothes.
  六、 定做西服全号码覆盖。一个单位的职工有各种各样的身材和号型,成衣一般只提供5-10个号型。统计结果表明,即便男装用4个号型也只能覆盖90%左右定做职业装的人(而且穿着时不是特别合适)。所以,越是高档的职业装越要采用量体裁衣模式。
  6、 Custom suit full number coverage. The staff of a unit have all kinds of shapes and sizes, and the ready-made clothes generally only provide 5-10 sizes. The statistical results show that even if men's clothes are made in four sizes, they can only cover about 90% of the people who make their own professional clothes. Therefore, the more high-end professional wear, the more tailored mode.
  七、 服务必不可少。采购职业装需要大量的服务支持。比如不合适服装的处理,新来员工(或损坏服装)的补货,按部门按岗位分发产品等等。这一切,如果采购成衣,就做不到,因为成衣企业不需要设置这样的服务部门,也没有专人专门跟踪某一客户。
  7、 Service is essential. The purchase of professional clothes needs a lot of service support. For example, improper clothing handling, replenishment of new employees (or damaged clothing), distribution of products by department and position, etc. All this, if the purchase of ready-made clothing, it can not be done, because the ready-made clothing enterprises do not need to set up such a service department, and there is no special person to track a customer.
  八 、千人千样。职业装虽然是团体定做,但却是每一个人都穿,所以,对服装的要求(尤其是合适与否)是千人千样,要想让员工满意,就得有人专门服务定做职业装到每一个职工。而成衣企业一般没有准备这样的技术人员和服务人员来服务。
  8、 Thousands of people, thousands of varieties. Although the professional dress is made to order by the group, it is worn by everyone. Therefore, the requirements for the dress (especially whether it is suitable or not) are thousands of people and thousands of varieties. To satisfy the employees, it is necessary to have someone to specially service the customized professional dress to every employee. But the ready to wear enterprises generally do not prepare such technical personnel and service personnel to serve.
  When choosing a custom business suit,
  What do you need to pay attention to?
  Service is a very important inspection standard
  The so-called customization is to buy services, not just a single garment. Kangnai senior customization consultant will first communicate with customers about customization needs, select fabrics, confirm styles, and do your best to protect your orders.
  You don't have to choose expensive fabrics for customization
  The best one is suitable for you. The proportion and tailoring are larger than the fabric. A professional dress with ordinary fabric but perfect proportion is still a fine product, but a professional dress with wrong proportion of gold fabric is still a waste. We will recommend the best fabric according to customers' needs and budget.
  The standard of fit is good-looking and comfortable
  There are several simple criteria for "fit":
  Shoulder - with the shoulder against the wall, there is excess fabric wrinkled up is the shoulder.
  Waist - there's a punch between the body and the clothes so you can move freely.
  Length and sleeve length - the length of the garment covers the buttocks, and the sleeve length can expose the shirt sleeve inside 2-3cm.
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