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The feeling of professional clothing is very monotonous, no new ideas to speak of, the need to put those flying youth are wrapped in a regular outline. If the professional dress can become a little more wonderful, then you will have a good mood at work, so today I will introduce some elegant but not boring professional women's clothes.
1 职场丽人再怎么漂亮的也要有十足的工作能力,否则一样的是得不到认可的。白加黑简洁而且经典,V领小西服,圆领内搭,一粒扣看起来中规中矩的,却有些凌厉干练的知性,有能力就需要这样的干脆利落。
No matter how beautiful a workplace beauty is, she should have full working ability, otherwise she will not be recognized. White plus black is simple and classic, with V-neck small suit, round collar and one button. It looks regular, but it has some sharp and capable intellect. It needs to be so crisp and neat if you have the ability.
2 年轻的时候谁不想与众不同一点呢?即使是白加黑也要是让人耳目一新的白加黑,只有简约黑白才能在绝处逢生。蕾丝拼接,精致唯美,让风琴褶皱更好的衬托出脸型的小巧。
Who doesn't want to be different when you are young? Even if it's white and black, if it's refreshing white and black, only simple black and white can survive. Lace stitching, delicate and aesthetic, so that organ folds better set off the small face.
3 优雅的气质当然少不了内心的丰盈美好,但是穿衣打扮也不能懈怠。泡泡袖加蕾丝小翻领,还有不规则的褶皱层叠包臀裙,依然是简洁的白加黑,依然是修身立体的套装,高 贵却有了更多俏皮的味道。
Of course, elegant temperament can't be without inner richness and beauty, but you can't be slack in dressing. Bubble sleeve with lace lapel, and irregular pleated layered hip skirt, is still simple white and black, is still a three-dimensional suit, noble but more playful taste.
4 知性裸色和甜美粉色的中和,晕染出温柔轻巧的色彩,被雪纺轻盈的衬托起来,是笼罩在月光上的一层薄纱,隐隐约约朦朦胧胧。褶皱让不规则更自然,而蝴蝶结让褶皱更多情。
The neutralization of intellectual naked color and sweet pink gives out gentle and light color. Set off by Chiffon's lightness, it is a layer of gauze shrouded in the moonlight. Folds make irregularities more natural, while bows make folds more emotional.
5 糖果色的夏天让人无法拒绝,但是工作上的干练敏捷也不能丢。所以有了果绿色和黑色的拼接,当飞扬的青春遇到沉稳的岁月,碰撞出来的不仅仅是色彩的火花,更有无限的活力。
Candy color summer can't refuse, but the ability and agility of work can't be lost. So with the combination of fruit green and black, when the flying youth meets the calm years, the collision is not only the spark of color, but also infinite vitality.
6 想要让别人认可你就首先要挑战自己,更高更难的目标只有实现了才能让你看得清自己的下一个目标。单调的职业套装,可以因为你的强大气场而不那么枯燥,如同极 简黑白,有气质。
If you want to be recognized by others, you must first challenge yourself. Only when you achieve a higher and more difficult goal can you see your next goal clearly. Monotonous professional suit, can be because of your strong aura and not so boring, as simple black and white, temperament.
7 有时候,需要由表及里,万绿丛中一点红虽然突兀,却真的能显示自己的优势。想要让人印象深刻,一眼就要突出自己。不规则的色彩拼接,看似随心所欲,却有着耐人寻味的态度。
Sometimes, you need to go from the outside to the inside. Although a little red in the green cluster is abrupt, it can really show your advantage. If you want to be impressive, you need to stand out at a glance. Irregular color mosaic, seemingly arbitrary, but has an intriguing attitude.
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