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Many friends who work in administrative personnel will encounter the experience of customizing work clothes for company employees. How to purchase comfortable clothing for the company within a limited budget and also avoid falling into misunderstandings? Jinan work clothes customization manufacturer believes that the following points are important:
1: Don't overly pursue cheap prices. In fact, clothing production, like any industrial product, has many links and costs. For example, T-shirts produced by normal large factories, if Xinjiang long staple cotton combed cotton is used, the basic cost price includes profit printing and so on. Many products on the market are mostly made of leftover materials or inferior materials from foreign trade companies' inventory, with low prices and poor quality, as well as a large amount of harmful substances. It can be imagined!
2: Customization of work clothes generally requires you to choose the style, fabric, inform you of the number of sets or pieces to be made, and issue a specific invoice. Because the complexity of the styles varies, and if the images of work clothes styles are complex, it naturally requires additional fees; Different fabrics have different prices, such as polyester cotton (35% cotton, 65% polyester), CVC (60% cotton, 40% polyester), and all cotton (100% cotton). Due to different cotton content, prices also vary; Due to mass production on the assembly line, there will naturally be differences between around 100 sets and 1000 sets.
3: Enterprise uniforms require sufficient time to prepare. November and December are busy seasons for autumn and winter work clothes production each year, during which customized work clothes are only started. The construction period will be long, so it is necessary to avoid this time period as much as possible and start preparing matters in September and October in advance to arrange the time.
4: 工作服的款式,面料,号型等,都需要做若干天的了解。秋冬工作服,需要看中面料的防风性,可以选择密度相对较大的面料,秋冬气温较低,保暖性也是必须考虑的问题,导热系数相对小的面料,保暖性更佳,同时也需要考虑服装的透气性。工作服的款式可以根据企业的工作内容以及企业文化进行选择,号型和数量需要提前根据员工数量作出预算。
4: The style, fabric, size, etc. of work clothes require several days of understanding. Autumn and winter work clothes need to pay attention to the wind resistance of the fabric. You can choose fabrics with relatively high density. When the temperature is low in autumn and winter, thermal insulation must also be considered. Fabrics with relatively small thermal conductivity have better thermal insulation, and also need to consider the breathability of the clothing. The style of work clothes can be selected based on the work content and corporate culture of the enterprise, and the size and quantity need to be budgeted in advance according to the number of employees.
5: Try to choose legitimate, qualified or customized manufacturers that have cooperated with you
Some companies have started customizing their work clothes to small factories, and although the prices are cheap, employees are not willing to wear them except for going to work. After a private visit, they found out that they are uncomfortable to wear and their laundry color has severely faded. After washing two or three times, they become severely deformed! Therefore, the selection of workwear manufacturers is crucial, involving factors such as manufacturer scale, production technology, clothing prices, production schedule, delivery time, etc. Many times, multiple bidding and communication are required.
From this perspective, there are still many details that need to be paid attention to when customizing autumn and winter work clothes. The screening for manufacturers to settle in is very strict. The manufacturers provide a variety of choices such as clothing styles, fabrics, accessories, and support mailing samples to provide customers with a more intuitive choice of work clothes. Entering the factory requires providing real-life photos of the factory scale and production videos, which can help customers have a deeper understanding of the factory scale and technology. You can contact us anytime if you have any needs http://www.ymsfs.com !








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