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  What are the characteristics of a professional Shandong workwear manufacturer?
  Many companies will complain about the suppliers of work clothes they have cooperated with over the years, there are many unsatisfactory places. Dissatisfaction mainly concentrated in the following points: the business team of the factory is not professional, some opinions of Party A company are not respected, clothing production is not in line with expectations, etc. So, what is a good clothing manufacturer? It needs to be simple: good factory clothes at least meet the company's payment, and customized clothes, is a good expression of the company's culture, is our proud employees wear, and a source of increased team cooperation.
  What are the characteristics of professional uniform manufacturers?
  Then, what are the characteristics of professional uniform manufacturers? The following edition will answer the question of Hancheng clothing series for you:
  1. 定制的工作服制作精良
  1. Customized work clothes are well made.
  It's not easy to cross an assembly line (single or whatever) and make a suit that most people in the industry would say fits well. Technical standards and processes require a team to study for a long time to achieve. To be a good factory in this industry, there are basically one or more main quality seekers. The technical director must be a craftsman in the garment business for many years.
  A set of uniforms, to use a variety of accessories, with different models and brands of machines, through different operating standards, by varying degrees of skilled workers. In addition, as the "main raw material" of fabrics is also a variety of raw materials, different raw materials may be different from the production process.
  2. 定制的工作服款式可靠
  2. Customized work clothes are reliable in style这有两方面的含义:一是工厂自己的版本是否合理到足以容纳尽可能多的员工。第二个问题是该公司能否接受自己的服装版本。在这种情况下,我们需要和工厂在流程上有更多的沟通。
  This has two meanings: one is whether the factory's own version is reasonable enough to accommodate as many employees as possible. The second question is whether the company can accept its own version of clothing. In this case, we need to communicate more with the factory on the process.
  At present, some large factories use intelligent software such as gebo, ET for personalized version processing, and others are still manually adjusted (or using software, or manual plate making). Similar to the above, a good version is also a guardian master who needs long-term learning.
  3. Customized overalls last for a short time and are guaranteed.
  The duration of production depends on the rationality of the plant process, size and order saturation. At present, the construction period of work clothes is generally about 20 days. Personally, if the duration of the project exceeds one month, it will not benefit the customer's experience. Generally speaking, the sooner the better.
  4. 方便订购和检查定制工作服
  4. Convenient ordering and inspection of customized work clothes做好工作服厂家下单后,会用微信、QQ、电子邮件等形式传送给客户进行确认,以免出错。对于这个订单的需求,小编觉得可以浓缩成几点:一是简单;其次,它可以随时检查;第三,需要更多的模板,因为下订单时要重复50%或更多的参数。应该提供多个模板供单个人选择,并且只需要为每个订单修改不同的部分。到目前为止,很少有人做得这么好。在用户体验方面还有很大的改进空间。
  After the manufacturer orders the work clothes well, they will send the confirmation to the customers in the form of Wechat, QQ, E-mail and so on, so as to avoid mistakes. For the demand of this order, the editor thinks that it can be condensed into several points: first, simple; second, it can be checked at any time; third, more templates are needed, because the order needs to repeat 50% or more parameters. Multiple templates should be provided for individual selection, and only different parts need to be modified for each order. So far, few people have done so well. There is still much room for improvement in user experience.
  5. 及时反馈定制工作服
  5. Feedback to Customize Workwear in Time下单后,衣服的状态如何?你需要客户打电话吗?
  What is the status of the clothes after placing the order? Do you need customers to call?
  No, good uniform manufacturers will use electronic, information and new ways to communicate with customers, so that customers know their progress at any time, so that they have a good idea!








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